How to use the Teacher’s Dashboard

Our step-by-step guide will help you navigate the Teacher’s Dashboard and make the most of its features.

1.Open your Teacher’s Dashboard

If you use our free package, we emailed your login information to you with the approval of your request. 

If you are a paying customer, this login information was registered by your school in its account after purchasing a licence.

Go to the “Teacher” menu to add teachers, edit a teacher’s data, or change your password.

2. Add and manage students

In the “Student” section you can add students, edit student data, assign books to students, or remove students from your virtual class. You can export all student information into an Excel sheet by clicking on the blue ‘Export’ button.

Enter the student’s name, class and status (Active or Inactive) and the system will generate a 6-digit personal access code for the student. 

This unique access code is required to enter the BOOKR Class app.

Make sure you set the status “Active” for students who need to access BOOKR Class. Unless their status is set to “Active,” students will not be able to use the app, with or without an access code.

4. Assign books to students

Go to “Recommended books” and hit “+” to assign books to your students. Start typing the title of a book, and select it from the dropdown menu. Each student’s recommended books will appear in the app on a separate shelf.

5. Find additional teaching resources

Our downloadable lesson plans and activity plans are all carefully structured to meet the needs of varied learner groups. These easily adaptable materials are centred around the books in the BOOKR Class app.

6. Check your stats

You can track your students’ progress under the “Statistics” tab.

See how many books they have read and flashcard sets they have learnt, and if they could successfully solve the follow-up tasks and games.

You’ll find a detailed step-by-step guide to the BOOKR Class app here.

Should you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]