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Reading! Reading! Reading!

Jump start your English with the new generation of readers! 

BOOKR Class is an audio-visual interactive edutainment library designed for an enriching and fun experience of reading and discovering English. The joy of exploration and our unique hands-on approach leads to many eureka moments, instant success while fostering inner motivation. 

In our modern world, children’s learning styles have changed dramatically and BOOKR Class knows this right. We know that reading has always been a key to authentic language acquisition. Stories bring language to life through comprehension and the follow-up games edutain your child. Our illustrations establish the atmosphere of a story, depicts the topic and makes the characters come alive, promoting contextual, organic learning. The animation catches the attention of the reader and further improves comprehension skills.

Check out what EFL teaching professionals recommend to start with!

Wiggling Veggies

LEVEL 1 – Beginner – Ages 3-5

This poem was specifically designed for young
learners to teach the names of the vegetables
and to promote a healthy diet while teaching
some useful chunks.

Writer: BOOKR Kids
Illustrator: Fanni Sipos
Narrator: Caroline Boulton

• picture book-like presentation of vegetables
• practising the rhymes and ordering vegetables
• counting vegetables

Encourage learners to find out more about the diet of their classmates. Design a project and have them create a chart of healthy and
unhealthy food and drinks. What do they like to eat or drink and how often do they have them?

The Lost Lunchbox

LEVEL 2 – Beginner – Ages 6-9

This book tells the story of the quest of two British students for the owner of a mysterious lunchbox. The story is linguistically simple yet authentic and includes basic grammatical structures as well as chunks.

Writer: BOOKR Kids
Illustrator: Fanni Sipos
Narrator: Faye Bradbrook

• reading comprehension: filling the lunchbox
• listening practice with different lunchboxes to choose from
• multiple-choice quiz to express possession

Encourage your students to imagine they are British schoolchildren. Ask them to draw their lunchbox and its contents. Then hand out a “Find someone who…” sheet and let your students find a classmate who likes oranges or has three sandwiches. A nice way to practise questions.

Jacob, the Naughty Koala

LEVEL 3 – Beginner – Ages 10-12

Jacob is a small koala living his life to the full. He is always on a great adventure. In this book, learners get to know about koalas: the parts of their body, their eating habits and lifestyle.

Writer: BOOKR Kids
Illustrator: Ágnes Bertóthy
Narrator: Benjamin Groff

• reading comprehension: a description
of koalas
• gap-filling with adverbs of frequency
• word search for vocabulary building

Explore Australia’s wildlife based on this book. Learn about koalas, kangaroos and the platypus. Encourage the preparation of a poster. Ask your students to put the animals on a map and decorate it with related illustrations.

Little Red Riding Hood

LEVEL 4 – Pre-intermediate – Ages 13-14

Little Red Riding Hood is a classic tale
with an important message: never trust
strangers. The story originated in France
but the well-known version is written by the
Brothers Grimm.

Traditional European Folktale
Illustrator: Ágnes Bertóthy
Narrator: Faye Bradbrook

• gap-filling activity to create a summary
of the tale
• vocabulary building with matching
• grouping sentences in the past simple tense

What other advice would your learners give
to children and teenagers? Raise awareness
of the dangers based on your learners’ ideas
while practising modal verbs.

The Tale of Peter Rabbit

LEVEL 4 – Pre-intermediate – Ages 13-14

The iconic figure of Peter Rabbit, named after
Beatrix Potter’s pet rabbit, was created more than a hundred years ago and ever since, the story hasn’t lost its readership. Translations, illustrations and film adaptations have emerged over the years and now here it is in the form of an interactive e-book with lovely BOOKR illustrations and the original text.

Author: Beatrix Potter
Illustration: Dóra Vincze
Narration: Faye Bradbrook

• reading comprehension with ordering
• true or false for reading for specific information
• sentence creation with matching

As a roleplay, create the dialogue between Peter and his mother after his arrival from the garden. Encourage your learners to express the emotions of the two characters. You can even let your learners write a letter of apology to the mother including a short summary of the adventure.