The way students are 15-20% more successful in reading

Executive Summary of the pilot program of BOOKR methodology

Between September and December of 2019, we launched a pilot version of the BOOKR methodology with the support of the Klebelsberg Center, as part of the EFOP 3.2.4. grant. During this period, the performance of 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders who read our interactive books were compared with that of a control group in which students read printed texts (synchronic data recording). In the case of 5th and 6th graders, data collection was diachronic: first, they worked in class with printed texts and then were measured using our interactive books.

The goals of the BOOKR pilot were achieved, the most important result being that students working with our interactive books were on average 15-20% more successful in various aspects of reading and comprehension.

The results are summarized below, highlighting the most important aspects of the impact assessment conducted during the pilot period.

We are a Budapest-based startup, BOOKR Kids, developer and owner of the ESL library app, BOOKR Class. We aim to provide digital literacy tools to teachers and parents that present the best of classical literature and language learning literature in an exciting and enjoyable way for today’s children to navigate them on the often bumpy road of becoming passionate readers.


According to the pilot subjects, interactive books provide an opportunity for the educator to incorporate the differences in learning abilities in the classroom and use it to mitigate socioeconomic and socio-cultural disadvantages, while the still images and motion pictures inspire them to implement visual reading as a part of their literature lessons.

The fact that the young population is attracted to the techno-media approach of viewing was clearly confirmed during the pilot. Responses indicate the existence of an emotional attachment. The clearly high enjoyment index could not be justified solely by the novelty of technology or genre, instead positive responses were primarily related to the actual use and experience of the BOOKR app.

According to the teachers, the mood of the lessons was positively influenced by the use of the BOOKR application in the classroom. The reasons for the positive feedback were as follows:

“The children enjoyed it immensely.”

“They liked the new method.” 

“The students were more motivated by the use of the application.”

“They see it, they hear it, so they find it interesting.” 

“It was exciting and inspiring to discover more of the story page by page.”

It can be stated that activity, motivation for the task, desire to communicate, and discipline during the task all increased significantly.

For all these reasons, based on the pilot, an organized expansion of teachers’ and educators’ methodological culture to include the new digital paradigm seems necessary and effective.

BOOKR library apps are representatives of a new digital literary genre, the interactive book, used in schooling and education. On one hand, they develop students’ linguistic awareness and reading comprehension performance: vocabulary, articulate reading, understanding meaning, formulating a basic statement, highlighting elements of narrative themes and understanding implied messages. On the other hand, they also strengthens students’ digital reading comprehension. In the areas listed above, during the pilot period, reading interactive books yielded better results than reading traditional printed text.

More about the research


The BOOKR software that has reached 1000 students in 34 elementary schools is now available to educators and students since September 2019.

Out of the 34 pilot schools, 16 teachers from 9 schools have agreed to participate in all aspects of the research related to the impact assessment study. A further 23 people took part in answering the questionnaires. 517 students used the app daily. After the launch of the pilot, by the end of November 2019, students downloaded a total of 4303 books and spent a total of 53452 minutes reading.


The objective of the pilot is (1) to demonstrate that the discreetly animated interactive BOOKR books develop students’ linguistic awareness in a multi-faceted way (2) and have a positive effect on students’ comprehension skills; (3) on the other hand, it is to demonstrate that BOOKR software can be implemented into the NCC and in Hungarian primary school language and literature classes; (4) furthermore that during the pilot, the educators will be convinced of the benefits and usefulness of implementation.

Scale of research

The professional significance of the level of detail of the research and its measuring system, its environment of measurement and ultimately its professional novelty and results is on par with research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh2.