Tips & tricks for your Valentine’s Day themed classes

Another special time of the year is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day is when cupids shoot their magical arrows to help people find their match made in heaven. So why wouldn’t you use this fun and culturally determining time to stir up your classroom and get students involved in discovering the true meaning of love? Who knows, new relationships might even form by the time the class is over.

This month, we’re offering three fun activities in the spirit of Valentine’s Day for a truly enjoyable and meaningful experience for your class.

1. Find Your Match

Level: pre-intermediate/intermediate (A2/B1)
Focus: speaking skills, formulating questions and answers, critical thinking
Materials: character cards – a FREE PDF by BOOKR

In this game, there are 14 characters looking for the love of their life. Students become one of these 14 people and mingle with each other to get to know others and find their perfect match. Once they have found their perfect matches, they introduce each other to the group. However, some other people might know one’s chosen one better than (s)he does, so everyone should pay close attention to what the rest of the group says. If you have a bigger class, divide them into two groups of 10 people and deal with them separately.

2. My Loved Ones

(suitable for learning at home)

Level: beginner/elementary (A1)
Focus: family & friends, speaking, vocabulary building

Materials: Family and Friends flashcards
Find it on Level 2 in BOOKR Class app.
Check it out with all our other flashcard sets on Level 2 in our portfolio.

In pairs, students spend ca. 10 minutes working with the app and trying to formulate basic sentences/questions with the given word pairs (mother/mummy, father/daddy, sister/brother, baby/best friend, family/together, talk/help, hug/family photo, I love you/I miss you, nice/messy, friendly/funny, lazy/beautiful). They can talk about their likes and dislikes, describe people or say general statements about themselves:

I live with my mother, father and brother. (or) What’s your mother’s/father’s/brother’s name? (or) I love my mother/father/brother because…
My mummy/daddy is X years old. (or) How old is your mummy/daddy?My sister is nice but sometimes (very) messy. (or) What is your sister like?

3. Love Bingo: 3×3

Level: intermediate/upper-intermediate (B1/B2)
Focus: collocations, vocabulary

Project or give the following list of words to the students and ask them to discuss (and translate into their mother tongue) what they mean. Tell them to write down 9 expressions from the list into a grid and that you are going to play a game of bingo where they need to define the expressions. Whichever expression they can find on their paper, they cross out. The first person having 3 words next to each other vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, wins the game. Here’s a list of words you can use for this activity:

to hug sb, to kiss sb, to receive a love letter, to have a crush on sb, to confess your love to sb, to compose a poem, to purchase jewellery, to go on a date, to bind a bouquet, to go out with sb, to break up with sb, to make up with sb, to get to know each other, to ask sb out, to move in with sb, to fall for sb, to forgive sb, to split up with sb, to set up a date, to arrange a blind date, to pull a pick-up line, to act like lovebirds, to feel love at first sight