May in the Library

This May is unlike any other. Many of us are still self-isolating, for many this month marks the beginning of the return to normal. But wherever you are, you’ll find ways to engage with the world around you in the BOOKR Class library this May.

This month begins and ends with celebrations. Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries all over the world in early May, and the last Sunday of the month is Children’s Day. (Don’t worry, we won’t skip Father’s Day either. Stay tuned for June 21!) And how do we salute family members, or indeed observe important dates in the calendar at BOOKR Class? By reading and learning about them, of course!

Éva Vajda’s Swallow-book shows how swallow parents do their best to prepare their fledling for life, just like human parents do.

The in-between days will be buzzing with activity in the animal kingdom. Do you know where birds go when we don’t see them? Or how swallow parents are busy in the nest providing food, shelter, and entertainment to their children just like human parents? Or why bees are essential for life on Earth? We not only will help you find the answers to these questions, but will also take you on an imaginary trip to Australia and the ancient civilizations of Europe.

Laci will share his tips on how teachers can use animal stories from BOOKR Class library to point out specific linguistic content in their class, and we’ll even share some tips and scientific insights into how to raise bilingual readers.

You see? This May really is like no other.