July in the Library

How is your summer going? Have you got used to the long, lazy days filled with laughter, ice-cream and splashing around?  Whether you opt for a staycation or brave international travel this July, we’ve got the perfect travel companions for you in the BOOKR Class Library – ready for the ride?

We’ve got the perfect travel companions for you in the BOOKR Class Library for July – ready for the ride?

This month we’re all about travelling. We take you on a trip – only imaginary though, sorry – to The Luxurious Ritz, where you can test your knowledge of all things culinary.

That’s not all. We’ll step out of London and show you around the UK, giving you a taste of its climate, geography and wildlife. Talking about the UK, one can never be sure about the weather. So why not check our Weather Forecast service?

Once you’re sure that it’s gonna be a bright, sunshiny day, make sure you spend it at the beach. Our story of A Day at the Beach will not only help you make the most of it, but it will also give you useful tips on how to keep it clean and tidy for others.

Whether you’re spending this month in Foreign Lands or not, don’t forget to send a postcard. 30 July is the International Day of Friendship, and nothing’s easier than sending Postcards of Summer to your loved ones.

We wish you a super summer holiday!

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