The Top 5 BOOKR Class Books in June

We’re delighted that you’ve packed a lot of BOOKR Class books for your summer holiday. Judging by the TOP 5 downloaded books, healthy eating and the basics of phonemes and numerals were the order of the day this June.

So let’s see our readers’ top 5 pick from the BOOKR Class Library. Is your favourite among them?

1. A Day at the Beach (Level 1)

Why not teach kids about recycling while spending a splendid day at the beach?

2. Let’s Count! (Level 1)

A short book about animals and their parents.

3. My ABC (Level 1)

A is for apple, B is for bird, C is for cat. What comes after that?

4-5. Funny Fruits (Level 1) & Wiggling Veggies (Level 1)

Poems that promote healthy eating habits? Sorted.