What is environmental protection?

Environmental protection is the conserving or restoring of our environment and nature for ourselves and future generations. How can we explain this to children?

Conserving our environment means that we take care of everything around us. We protect animals, plants, forests, waters, the land and landscapes. We don’t allow them to get hurt, damaged or polluted. 

Restoring our environment means that we understand something has gone wrong and we are trying to improve the situation. For example some species are declining in number, a body of water has become more polluted, or even that global warming can cause natural disasters threatening human lives.

Why is it important to talk about environmental issues at school?

We need to be aware of environmental changes so we can stop and even reverse them. Raising awareness of these issues is crucial even at a very young age. We are responsible for raising an environmentally-conscious generation who reduces waste, recycles, reuses things and even upcycles. For this, we need to teach our kids the value of nature, good health, responsible behaviour and critical thinking. Without these skills and knowledge they might not address ethical issues such as pollution or wildlife conservation which can cause serious damage to mother nature and the human race. By taking small measures to protect the environment, we can encourage a conscious lifestyle and leave a legacy of a healthy planet on which future generations can live. Who wouldn’t like to take part in such an important initiative?

How to raise environmental awareness?

  • Lead by example –  Most of the time children copy behaviour. If teachers or parents lead by example, children will make environmentally conscious behaviour part of their everyday life. For example  recycling in the classroom or at home, picking up rubbish from the floor or turning off the lights when leaving the room.
  • School projects – Make it fun! Involving the whole school or families in projects like planting trees, picking up rubbish in the local forest can encourage environmentally-conscious habits.
  • Challenges – Use charts to show students their own progress. The chart can include mini quests such as turning off the lights, showering instead of taking a bath.
environmental protection

Bob’s Tales

Bob is a little dog who wants to be a detective when he grows up. One day, he smells something strange and decides to find out where the smell is coming from. In the story we follow Bob and his Dad, Tango, on their adventure. Even the Forest Police are involved! On their way to the crime scene they see that all forest plants and animals are being affected by illegal waste dumping. Will the team be able to uncover the identities of the criminals? Will they get their just deserts? 

Meet the characters and read their introductions

Bob wants to be a detective when he grows up. When he heard the lorry and smelled that strange smell, he immediately knew that something was up. He wants to save the forest and is determined to catch the criminals.

Tango is a great role model for his puppies. He is smart, brave and supports his precious puppies no matter what. He takes care of his family, is protective of their lives and wellbeing whilst allowing them to grow.

Lara is a wonderful, caring mother, who loves her family. She takes care of the puppies and supports them to achieve their goals. She is also worried when Bob and Tango leave to save the forest, but that’s what mothers are like!

Chief Cherlock is the captain of the Forest Police. He is a serious person! He likes to keep everything in order and environmental protection is very important to him.

Saddle Sam works part time at the Forest Police, and part-time at the Forest school. He teaches environmental protection and safety. He is also said to be the best detective in the forest.

Hacker Harry’s job at the Forest Police is to help to workflow and give hints to the people’s police. As the head of the forest IT group, he protects the forest by looking for clues on the Internet. Exciting! – internet safety.

Bunny Bella, Teddy Tom and Fox Franky are Saddle Sam’s students at the Forest School. They enjoy Mr. Saddle’s lessons about environmental protection and crime prevention. They are smart, brave and ready to help. 

Activity tip – Domino

Ask the students to form groups. Give each group a set of domino cards. Ask them to shuffle the cards and place them face down. Place the “start” card on the desk. Then, the players draw a card one by one and match the introduction with the character’s picture. The game is over when the “finish” card is on the desk as well. 

To make this exercise easier, ask the students to use the ideas as clues, allocate time for a speaking session about the characters and their guesses. You can play it before reading the series. How well can they guess what the characters are like? During reading they can switch the cards if needed. 

Read more about environmental protection

If you’re interested in learning more about environmental protection, here are a few other books your students may like. Check out our related activity tips as well.

a day at the beach

A Day at the Beach

Three little friends go to the beach which turned out to be too dirty to enjoy. So they decide to clean it up and put everything in the recycling bins.
Written by BOOKR Kids
Illustrated by Fanni Sipos
Narrated by Caroline Boulton

Tiny Tusks: The Secret of Tiny Tusk Island:

Eight little elephants decide to explore the heart of the rainforest where something magical is about to happen. From that day on, their mission is to protect the environment. Explore different ways of preserving our ecosystems.
Written by Suzanne Till, Kirsten Wild
Illustrated by Trudi Webb, Suzanne Till
Narrated by Caroline Boulton

Tiny Tusks: The Sunshine Pancake Shack

Let the Tiny Tusks show you how to become more environmentally friendly.
Written by Suzanne Till, Kirsten Wild
Illustrated by Trudi Webb, Suzanne Till
Narrated by Caroline Boulton

UK Civilization: Geography

Ed and Marge are two college students from Oxford who love to have long, intellectual conversations about many different topics. Let your students go with the flow and learn about the United Kingdom in an entertaining way with excellent illustrations and challenging quizzes.
Written by BOOKR Kids
Illustrated by Edina Fazekas, Dóra Vincze, Zsófia Kállai, Tamás Czuder
Narrated by Amy Wisenfeld, Benjamin Groff



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