Teacher Training Series 2022

August 30, 2022 1:00 pm CET

Get ready for the school year of 2022/23 with us through our teacher development series, where you can learn more about our digital storytelling solution BOOKR Class, its methodology and how to use it in the language classroom the most effectively.

Join us for all 3 sessions of the BOOKR Class Teacher Training, which we organise only once per year:

Part 1 – General introduction to BOOKR Class  – August 30 @ 13:00 pm CET

Part 2 – How to use BOOKR Class at school? – September 6 @  13:00 pm CET

Part 3 – Get to know the Teacher’s Dashboard! – September 13 @ 13:00 pm CET

By participating in our webinar series, you can become a master of using the app!  Join all parts of our Teacher Training and receive an official BOOKR Class Certificate.


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What are the sessions about? 

Part 1. – General introduction to BOOKR Class

What is BOOKR Class? How does reading improve students’ cognitive abilities? Why is storytelling so useful in language learning? Why are interactive books a good idea?

We will talk about everything you need to know about the app: its features, the hundreds of books and games and how to align them with your curriculum, the activity tips and Teacher’s Handbook, while examining the methodology behind the concept itself.


Part 2. How to use BOOKR Class at school?

What an exciting time to be a teacher! Keep students motivated and engaged despite all the challenges you and they face. Let’s talk about ways to encourage your students and to facilitate their language acquisition and learning.

We are inviting you to our interactive second session to discuss how you can use the books during your classes. You’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from our Expert Teachers about

how to use the app,
how to look for and choose books,
how to teach through stories,
where to find extra ideas and tips.

Get inspired, discover new ways of teaching that you can merge with your expertise, and get our free activity tips, printables and lesson plan to start the new semester sparked and full of new ideas!


Part 3. Get to know the Teacher’s Dashboard! 

How do I even begin with BOOKR Class? How can my students access the app? Where can I see my students’ reading activity? How do I know which books to use for what? – you might ask.

In the third session, we are going to get familiar with all the technical details: how to download the app, how to log in, and what to find in the Teacher’s Dashboard. It is also your time to ask questions, we will be happy to navigate through the process together with you.

Upcoming Webinars

Teacher Training Series 2022

Join us for the once a year BOOKR Class Teacher Training series, where you can become an expert in using BOOKR Class, our digital storytelling solution! Throughout the 3 part series, you will learn about all th

August 30, 2022 1:00 pm CET