Bob’s Tales

Why is it important to talk about environmental issues at school? 

We need to be aware of environmental changes so we can stop and even reverse them. Raising awareness of these issues is crucial even at a very young age. We are responsible for raising an environmentally-conscious generation who reduces waste, recycles, reuses things and even upcycles. For this, we need to teach our kids the value of nature, good health, responsible behaviour and critical thinking. Without these skills and knowledge they might not address ethical issues such as pollution or wildlife conservation which can cause serious damage to mother nature and the human race. By taking small measures to protect the environment, we can encourage a conscious lifestyle and leave a legacy of a healthy planet on which future generations can live. Who wouldn’t like to take part in such an important initiative?


Bob is a little dog who wants to be a detective when he grows up. One day, he smells something strange and decides to find out where the smell is coming from. In the ten part series Bob’s Tales we follow Bob and his Dad, Tango, on their adventure. Even the Forest Police are involved! On their way to the crime scene they see that all forest plants and animals are being affected by illegal waste dumping. Will the team be able to uncover the identities of the criminals? Will they get their just deserts? 

  • Written by Judit Diószegi
  • Illustrated by Zsófia Kállai
  • Narrated by Benjamin Groff


Find the series on Level 3 in the BOOKR Class app.

  1. Bob’s Dream
  2. The Dream Job
  3. Bad News
  4. On the Way
  5. The Rescue Team
  6. Closer and Closer
  7. In Action
  8. Hacker Harry Helps
  9. In Handcuffs
  10. Proud Parents