Flashcards LEVEL 4

For further practice, flashcard sets serve the purpose of more focused vocabulary development. Many of the words and expressions from the sets are used in the books of the given level in meaningful contexts which enables incidental learning. However, the thematic collection of the most useful and frequent words and expressions of each level offers a chance for learners to memorise and revise language items. The cards consist of the words themselves, explanatory illustrations, the pronounced words and on higher levels, definitions as well. The variety of inputs facilitates the memorisation of vocabulary for learners with different learning styles. The flashcard sets might be used as warm-up or wrap-up activities to challenge learners or to simply revise from or memorise vocabulary. As all the sets of flashcards have the same structure, even young learners can use them on their own

• Communication and Media
• Countries and Nationalities
• Electric World
• Having Fun
• Inner Qualities
• Me, a Chef
• Sharing the Housework
• The Earth: Continents and Oceans