The Magic Mirror 2.

Once, there was a far-off kingdom where everything was perfect but the king made an important decision. Sharing his kingdom equally between his daughter and son crucially affected the well-being of the citizens.

The difference between Eastroyal and Westroyal grew and grew over the years. The Queen-mother decides to help, can she save Eastroyal?


  • Writer: Edith Howes
  • Illustrator: Zsófi Edőcs
  • Narrator: Faye Bradbrook

• reading comprehension task – sequencing the sentences
• the use of past simple and past continuous – gap filling activity
• vocabulary building – Grouping positive and negative nouns

In the story of “The Magic Mirror” the queen helped the king to rule successfully in his country. The mother voluntarily seeked a solution to support his son, even though he was already the head of the country. Do you agree with the queen? Generate discussion in the classroom on the role of the mother and the responsibility of the son with the help of the following statement

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