Summer Reading Ticket

About the Summer Reading Camp

  • Limited time offer
  • For families
  • Up to 3 children can be added
  • Unlimited access to 1000+ interactive animated books, 4000+ flashcards, songs, and 5000+ games created by a team of professional educators and psychologists
  • Child dashboard with progress monitoring

14,90  /3 months

We created BOOKR Class to support parents in this fast-paced world. Designed for children between 4 and 14, the app helps them learn English. BOOKR Class enhances their knowledge without being noticed: through animated books, songs, and games that improve reading, writing, listening, and communicative skills while providing a safe, ad-free environment with thoroughly researched content by experts and psychologists. 98% of kids love reading with us, which shows in their results! Try the app and see the results for yourself!

You can access all content for 3 month after activating the code.

This software subscription expires after 3 months and is not automatically renewed.