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What Does the Bee Do

What Does the Bee Do?

“What Does The Bee Do?” is a children’s poem from the late 1800s by Christina Rossetti. Do you know the answer?

what is sandro doing

What Is Sandro Doing?

Sandra, the raccoon, wants to have a picnic with Sandro, the sloth. But Sandro is doing something else… Can they have fun together? Let’s see!

What Makes Friendship Grow 1. - The New Teacher

What Makes Friendship Grow? 1. – The New Teacher

It’s the first day of school. The students are very excited, because a new teacher arrives. Who is he? Read the story and find out!

What Makes Friendship Grow 10. - Hacker Harry

What Makes Friendship Grow? 10. – Hacker Harry

A special guest comes to class: Hacker Harry. He knows a lot about computers and the Internet. What do the students learn? Find out!

What Makes Friendship Grow 2. - What Makes a Friend

What Makes Friendship Grow? 2. – What Makes a Friend?

It’s the Captain’s first class, but there’s a problem. Turtle Toby is missing! What happened? Can the teachers find him?

What Makes Friendship Grow 3. - Franky Has a Dirty Mouth

What Makes Friendship Grow? 3. – Franky Has a Dirty Mouth

Franky Fox always talks meanly. His classmates doesn’t like it, so Miss Katy Cat talks with him. Can she solve the problem? Find out!

What Makes Friendship Grow 4. - At the Police Station

What Makes Friendship Grow? 4. – At the Police Station

The students visit the police station but Franky Fox looks very sad. Why? Can Chief Cherlock solve the mystery?

What Makes Friendship Grow 5. - Ed Elephant

What Makes Friendship Grow? 5. – Ed Elephant

Ed Elephant is very big and strong but he can’t move in small spaces or do small things very well. Ed knows this, so he doesn’t do anything. Mr. Saddle has a great idea. What is that?

What Makes Friendship Grow 6. - The Fight

What Makes Friendship Grow? 6. – The Fight

A fight starts in the big break, the students are very wild. What can the teachers do?

What Makes Friendship Grow 7. - Squirrel Sid's Big Adventure

What Makes Friendship Grow? 7. – Squirrel Sid’s Big Adventure

The students go to Squirrel’s house. They want to hear about Squirrel Sid’s weekend adventure. How has he become a hero?

What Makes Friendship Grow 8. - I Want to Be a Hero Again

What Makes Friendship Grow? 8. – I Want to Be a Hero Again

Squirrel Sid is very popular now. He tricked the fox and he feels great. He wants to be a hero again. What does he do?

What Makes Friendship Grow 9. - The Missing Football Bag

What Makes Friendship Grow? 9. – The Missing Football Bag

This is a big day for Tiger Tom: his favorite football player comes to the school to watch him play. But Tiger Tom’s sports bag goes missing. What happens?