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engaging iconEngaging, Interactive Content

More than a digital library – it’s a holistic language teaching platform with its unique animated book format.

BOOKR Class represents a very high quality on the market, offering a unique blend of vivid illustrations, engaging animations, authentic narration, text highlighting, and goal-oriented games targeting diverse language proficiencies.

BOOKR Class includes

engaging animated books

to match your course books, curriculum, in-classroom, or online activities: interactive books from the classics of world literature, original stories, songs, civilizational materials and CLIL

While the animated books primarily support English language learning and reading comprehension development, they also develop 21st-century skills such as creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

bookrclass includes 1000 plusz books
bookr class 5000+ games

educational games


BOOKR Class powers up language learning with 19 game engines, offering quizzes, jumbles, matching activities, and gap-fills to elevate reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Get creative with cognitive and motor skills games like memory and coloring. Flashcards enhance word acquisition and pronunciation, designed for every story and skill level.

Features that make BOOKR Class unique

Each book is enhanced with illustrations and animations, native (mainly British or American English) narration, text highlighting, and educational games.

bookr class advantages

Illustrations and animations support the understanding of the texts, but they are moderate enough not to distract users from reading.

Native Narration
Experience authentic language nuances with our predominantly British or American English narrations.

Text highlighting
Enhance reading comprehension and focus with synchronized text highlighting, designed to support different learning styles.

Educational Games
Fun educational games help to highlight the main linguistic elements and features for more focused, intentional learning and practice.

Collectible Awards
Inspire consistent progress and achievement with our collectible badges and coins.
Research has consistently shown that the unique blend of features in our e-books significantly propels language acquisition.

With BOOKR Class, students can improve in

Vocabulary due to the wide variety of topics

Grammar by providing meaningful context and natural language use

Written language production skills through incidental learning and focused activities

Oral language production skills through songs, nursery rhymes, motivating examples and encouraging games

Language comprehension skills with demonstrative illustrations and animations, and follow-up activities

Oral language comprehension skills thanks to native narration and listening activities

Communication skills through comics, situations, and engaging and inspiring content

with bookr class childrens are improve

Standards Aligned

We’ve ensured our content follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and Lexile measures. This makes BOOKR Class a tool you can trust.

BOOKR Class includes 9 levels aligned with CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference). 
The content targets learners from pre-A1 to B2+ (beginner to upper-intermediate).

How do BOOKR Class levels correspond to the CEFR levels?

Based on the CEFR descriptions, further research, and the analysis of CEFR-approved language learning materials (such as textbooks and language exams), using text analysis tools and with the help of our professional experience, we group our books into 9 categories.

bookr class level 9

Complete Teacher Support

complete teachers support
Are you a teacher looking to save time and provide an impactful English teaching experience? BOOKR Class is here with reading statistics, automatic exercise correction, printables, and more!

BOOKR Class is here to ease your teaching journey with its comprehensive support system. Designed for simplicity of use, our platform provides insightful reading statistics, automatic exercise correction, an intuitive search engine, and extra resources with printables, saving you time and giving you data-driven insights.

appropriate level for students

Placement & Assesment

Upon first opening the BOOKR Class app, students can complete a Lexile-based placement test. The result will place the student in one of the 9 BOOKR levels if completed. You can also find the student’s exact measure in the Teacher’s Dashboard. The placement test can be completed later as well.

Complement Your Curriculum

Enhance your curriculum with carefully selected and labeled EFL/ESL content, easily navigable with our built-in search engine. Choose the perfect titles that align with your teaching goals and enrich the learning experience.

Complement Your Curriculum
teachers handbook

Free Teacher's Handbook

Gain access to the ultimate guide for a comprehensive English teaching experience. Our handbook boasts over 250 activities, 30+ printables, and meticulously prepared lesson plans to engage your students and streamline your lesson preparation.

Monthly Collections at No Extra Cost

Simplify your planning with our free Monthly Collections – a ready-to-use kit for every teacher and parent of young English learners. Engage your students with our activity tips, printable worksheets, and recommended stories that highlight and celebrate monthly events and traditions in a captivating way.

bookr class monthly downloadable

methodology iconMethodology of BOOKR Class

bookr class our methodology
Scaffolding E-books in the Classroom

With the methodology of BOOKR Class, teachers can create a supportive, inclusive, and efficient learning environment that capitalizes on the benefits of scaffolding e-books to support every learner’s journey towards literacy and academic success.

Methodology in Practice

Equity through Technology
Our methodology begins with the recognition of socioeconomic disparities in educational outcomes. We leverage the leveling power of technology, integrating scaffolding e-books into the classroom to provide all students, regardless of background, with access to learning tools that can enhance their educational journey.

Enhanced Learning Efficiency
We incorporate advanced information and communication technologies in our educational practice. This approach has been substantiated by research to significantly refine the efficiency of teaching and learning processes, and is a cornerstone of our methodology.

Assistive Technology Integration
Scaffolding e-books are a key component of our assistive technology strategy. These resources are specially designed to aid students who encounter difficulties with conventional texts, making challenging content more approachable and comprehensible.

Motivation through Gamification
Our methodology harnesses the motivational power of gamified interactive books. These engaging resources are crafted to sustain the interest of all learners, especially young and reluctant readers, and are integral in transforming reading from a task to an enjoyable experience.

Consistent Support for Dyslexic Students
We provide persistent support for students with dyslexia through e-books with scaffolding functions. These are not temporary aids but consistent, long-term tools aligned with the individual learning needs as identified by cognitive profile tests.

Cultivating Academic Achievement
Central to our methodology is the selection of content that not only engages but also promotes the development of reading habits linked to academic success. We choose scaffolding e-books that not only intrigue but also encourage continuous improvement in reading proficiency.

Our Methodology in Practice

Cognitive Profile Alignment: We utilize cognitive profile assessments to guide the implementation of scaffolding e-books, ensuring they meet the specific needs of each student.

Varied Content Implementation: A wide array of e-books is selected to cater to different interests and learning levels, reflecting the diversity of our student population.

Routine Inclusion: Scaffolding e-books are a staple in our curriculum, ensuring students regularly engage with the material.

Adaptive Feedback Mechanisms: We continually assess student interaction with e-books, using insights to fine-tune our methodology and e-book selection to optimize learning outcomes.

bookr class methodology in practice and schools

adhd and dylexia support iconADHD and Dyslexia Support

adhd and dyslexia support
BOOKR Class is designed for all learners, including those with ADHD and dyslexia. With features like audio-visual support, text highlighting, and voiceover assistance, we’ve created an engaging, stress-free environment where every child can thrive. Our success? Over 72 000 students with dyslexia were empowered in the 22/23 academic year alone.

BOOKR Class’s unique book format was designed to serve as a supportive multimedia environment that proves highly effective for children with special needs, such as ADHD and dyslexia.

Accessibility and Engagement

At BOOKR Class, we strongly believe in the power of accessible and engaging content to shape a positive learning experience. Our platform is equipped with scaffolding features designed to promote a higher level of engagement and deeper understanding of the texts, leading to a more successful learning outcome, particularly for struggling learners.

accessibility and engagement
dimnish the achievement gap

Diminish the Achievement Gap

Students will find their motivation, reading habits, and language skills significantly enhanced in a stress-free and supportive environment. The heightened engagement and increased exposure time positively influence their academic performance and foster their inclusion in the learning process and classroom community.

By providing an inclusive, engaging, and accessible learning platform, BOOKR Class aims to diminish the achievement gap. We are committed to contributing to children’s personal development, empowering them to reach their full potential.

BOOKR Class supports learners with Dyslexia and ADHD

Reading texts are broken down into smaller, more digestible paragraphs

Text highlighting following the pace of the voiceover

Voiceover available for every content to bridge the gap between decoding words and assigning meaning

Post-reading comprehension activities strengthen the decoding and retention of information

Instructions and certain answer options read out loud

bookr class support lerners
Social-Emotional Learning

Social-Emotional Learning

Social-emotional skills, empathy, openness, communicative skills, and other soft skills that some students might lack because of their family background or socioeconomic status.

BOOKR offers a wide range of books focusing on social-emotional learning and soft skill development.


At BOOKR, besides entertaining, we put emphasis on mental health by creating stories about the potentially tough situations and dilemmas – like starting school, sibling jealousy, illness, death, prejudice and bullying – that children may face.

Discovering characters in stories that share similar experiences to them, helps children feel less alone and may also help them to better understand and cope with a challenging situation.

Many children find it difficult to identify and communicate how they are feeling. Reading stories can help them to understand themselves better and give them all a great starting point for discussion.

cross cultural understanding

Cross-Cultural Understanding

Representation matters.

Diverse books of the BOOKR library act as “mirrors” which allow minority groups to see a reflection of themselves in books and become a form of self-affirmation.

BOOKR books display characters of various colors, body type, socio-economic status, family background, disability, and culture.

Personalized Learning with AI

bookrs ai
Understanding the uniqueness of each student is central to effective teaching. At BOOKR Class, we harness the potential of AI to tailor educational experiences to each student’s unique needs, preferences, and pace.

Here’s why this is revolutionary for educators like you:

monitor pronunciation skills

Monitor pronunciation skills with AI-based speech recognition

Leverage advanced AI speech recognition to track and assess student pronunciation with precision. Our platform offers detailed word-by-word analysis and a built-in recording feature, ensuring an objective and holistic evaluation of language skills.

Continuous Real-Time Feedback 
and Assessment

Our strategy strongly emphasizes constant real-time feedback and assessment powered by AI. Through this, we can measure student progress, identify areas that require attention, and adapt our educational materials to optimize learning outcomes continually.

Pioneering Assessments with Comprehension Quizzes
BOOKR Class has introduced a revolutionary AI-driven feature that allows teachers to generate nuanced comprehension tests for one or multiple books seamlessly. This not only enhances the accuracy and relevance of the quizzes but also provides customization, enabling educators to select and design quizzes that align perfectly with their teaching goals. This innovation streamlines assessment, making learning more targeted and meaningful.

Optimizing Accessibility and Convenience
By situating these quizzes in an easily navigable “Tests” or “Assessments” section within the BOOKR Class app and the Teacher’s Dashboard, we ensure that this innovation is easily accessible and usable. This simplicity is pivotal, encouraging more widespread adoption of this advanced tool among educators.

Facilitating Structured Learning
The capability to assign tests with set deadlines fosters a structured learning environment, ensuring learning is systematic, timely, and engaging. It encourages regular interaction with learning materials and enhances student commitment.

Instantaneous Feedback
Providing immediate feedback post-assessment accelerates the learning process by instantly addressing areas of improvement. It also liberates educators from the time-intensive grading process, allowing them to allocate more time to instructional activities.

Tailoring Learning with AI-Generated Word Lists
Our personalized word lists are crafted using AI, offering educators a starting point to modify and align vocabulary sets to their instructional goals. This innovation is not confined to assessments but extends to classroom activities, making learning versatile, enjoyable, and interactive.

Promoting Universal Accessibility
The feature enabling simple, level-accurate descriptions of focus words within the book supports all learners, especially those with specific learning needs like SLI and dyslexia. It ensures inclusive learning, allowing every child to extract maximum understanding and enjoyment from the stories.

Supporting Word Production
Going beyond mere comprehension, our innovative tool aids in word production, empowering learners to incorporate new words accurately in their verbal and written communications. This facilitates a more profound mastery of language, promoting articulate expression.

real-time feedback
ai generated books

Personalized AI Recommendation System

Our system employs a user-friendly AI algorithm to understand and predict each student’s learning preferences. By analyzing how students interact with different materials, it identifies patterns and provides tailor-made content recommendations. This approach not only saves time for English teachers but also ensures that every student receives engaging, level-appropriate reading and learning resources, making education more effective and enjoyable.

flexibility iconFlexibility


BOOKR Class is designed to fit seamlessly into any learning environment, with accessibility on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It empowers educators with the freedom to adapt and customize their teaching styles.

Whether you’re a tech-savvy educator or just beginning to explore classroom tools, BOOKR Class offers adaptable solutions to inspire, engage, and succeed in your teaching journey.

dynamic teaching models

Dynamic Across Teaching Models

Whether you’re diving into direct instruction, the communicative approach, the cooperative model or project-based learning, BOOKR Class effortlessly adapts to your chosen approach.

Adaptable Classroom Integration

From projecting the app for frontal teaching or facilitating whole group dialogic reading sessions, to guided group or pair work, and assigning individual tasks (as homework, reward or extra practice), it’s designed to fit diverse classroom setups and teaching goals. Be it in a virtual classroom, a flipped teaching setting, hybrid models, or others, this digital tool for the classroom is versatile and ready for any learning environment online and offline as well.

Adaptable Classroom Integration
access all devices

Across Devices

Accessible on smartphones, tablets, and desktops, it’s not just a classroom tool, but a holistic platform. Whether you’re a tech maestro or new to digital tools for the classroom, BOOKR Class empowers and inspires, ensuring success in your teaching journey.

adaptable for diverse subjectsAdaptable for Diverse Subjects

Adaptable for Diverse Subjects
Whether it’s history, science, or literature, our Content- and Language-Integrated Learning (CLIL) books weave subject matter with English learning to create a unique and engaging experience for students.

BOOKR Class features an exciting range of Content- and Language-Integrated Learning (CLIL) books. Designed to enhance language learning, these books systematically introduce learners to a variety of subjects, including history and science, across three distinct reading levels.

What is CLIL?

CLIL is a transformative teaching approach, intertwining subject content and English language learning. Characterized by a dual focus on both areas, CLIL is exemplified in bilingual education, where students explore subjects like geography and world history in their target language. It fosters effective communication and employs scientifically backed strategies.

The implementation of CLIL aligns with Coyle’s 4C curriculum, which underscores the importance of content, communication, cognition, and culture. The BOOKR Class story of ‘Thessalonike’ perfectly demonstrates this approach.

Why is CLIL advantageous for students

Why is CLIL advantageous for students?

So, why is CLIL advantageous for your students? It provides valuable, applicable knowledge that extends beyond just reading comprehension and vocabulary enhancement. It paves the way for academic advancement and renders content-based education useful in language and content contexts. The CLIL classroom offers an authentic learning environment with well-structured, skill-level appropriate materials that maintain an academic appeal.

Engaging students with actual subject matter and content-based lessons, CLIL brings a sense of excitement to learning. It facilitates the internalization of content and skills, promotes a positive attitude toward learning, and reinforces English as a powerful tool for knowledge acquisition.

Research substantiates that despite initial challenges, CLIL classrooms yield significant improvements in students’ skills, including a broader range of specialized vocabulary, more efficient grammar application, and increased confidence in using a foreign language.
That’s why BOOKR Class is committed to integrating diverse subjects into our books, broadening our scope from literature to other disciplines such as history, geography, and science. We are steadfast in our belief that this approach not only supports English language learning (ELL) but also contributes to the holistic development of students by improving critical thinking, creativity, problem-solving, social-emotional skills, and multicultural awareness.

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