Are bilingual children smarter?

When it comes to speech development, there is a significant difference between bilingual and monolingual children. But does that mean that children with more languages are smarter, asks psychologist and mother of three bilingual children, Zsuzsi Papp.

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Our Authors: Aesop

Aesop’s fables have been told for thousands of years. They teach us eternal truths, add to our moral compass, and give us guidelines for life. Find them in the BOOKR Class library.

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How to raise bilingual readers

How do children learn to read? Is it any different for children whose parents speak different languages? Zsuzsi Papp, psychologist and mother of three, on becoming a bilingual reader from a subjective and slightly scientific point of view.

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May in the Library

This May is unlike any other. But whether you’re still self-isolating or starting to return to normal, you’ll find ways to engage with the world around you in the BOOKR Class library this May.

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