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BOOKRClass | 2022.09.27

The newest addition to the BOOKR Class library has arrived, and we are excited to share some details, helping you make the most of them this new semester.

new stories same values

Social and emotional learning played a big part in creating the new collection, but there are other useful themes for you to use in the classroom. Let’s see them, topic by topic.

What Makes Friendship Grow

boorkclass what makes friendship grow

What a highlight in our lives, to have friends around who support and love us, our chosen family. Learning about friendships, their importance, the dynamics and how to appreciate them is a key factor in every child’s life. So let’s give them some guidance with these heartwarming stories.

What’s more, there cute songs in normal and karaoke version to spice up any rainy autumn morning at school. Auditory learners and even kinesthetic learners will appreciate them the most!

Tales from around the world

bookrclass tales from arount the world

What better way to create open-minded young people than telling them stories from different lands, making them get to know different cultures and lives? These two stories are a real jam. Dive right into the mysterious world of Greek mythology with Caeneus, or get to know the icy winters in Alaska with Panuk.  

The great lessons of folktales

bookrclass folktales

Speaking of cultural dynamics and different nations, the folktales remained present in today’s storytelling sphere for a reason – they entail important life lessons that children can benefit from greatly. Which ones sound familiar to you? 

New Albert Whitman books

booorkclass x albert whitmna

Great content providers have always played an important part in selecting the stories for the BOOKR Class Library – now you can read even more amazing books from the Albert Whitman Company.

Beginner learners, it’s your time to shine!

bookrclass kickstart

Looking to integrate stories into your lesson plans from day one? We have just the thing for you! Brand new kickstarter books with the most basic vocabulary fort starter learners.

Being yourself is a super power

bookrclass lgbtq

We created some LGBTQ related content these past few months in honor of Pride month in June. Learning to be tolerant and loving towards each other at an early age improves emotional intellingence greatly, not to mention the well-being of children feeling like they are different in one way or another, doesn’t necessarily have to be gender related insecurities.

We feel strongly about the age-appropriate, easy to comprehend education of children regarding being true to their feelings, their thoughts, and their identity. Also, the importance of teaching students to accept themselves and others just the way they are, not only tolerating but loving differences.

celebratin pride month

“I don’t care. I love it.” – said Ferret. Such simple words, yet there is so much power to them. 

Ferret’s Scarf is an amazing story to start a discussion about self-expression with little ones. Children need to learn from a young age that being a little different, or adoring something that others might not like as much as they do, is all okay. This understanding will break them free from seeking confirmation from the outside world and give them the confidence to express who they are.

A lighthearted tone with an uplifting, powerful message to take away is the best way to describe the story of Bunnybear in a nutshell. This title – published by Albert Whitman – caught the attention of many industry experts, as it – using the words of Publishers Weekly – has important things to say about identity and acceptance and is valuable both as entertainment and a conversation-starter. 

Read more about our collaboration for Pride Month with Kahoot and the books themselves in our relating blog article. 


What a list! There is so much to discover this fall, but hopefully we could help you narrow it down to the books that support your current groups the best way possible. Which new story is your favourite? 

If you do not have access to these books yet, download the app and request a free trial to get a sneak peek into all of them. 

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