Celebrating Pride Month with New Stories and Kahoot Quizzes

BOOKRClass | 2022.06.13

Leading educational technology platforms Kahoot! and BOOKR Kids have decided to combine forces in honor of Pride Month in 2022. They aim to educate the youth about acceptance and diversity, as the two believe that the message of being true to one’s nature is one that many children need to hear.

pride month with bookr class

Both BOOKR Kids and Kahoot! feel strongly about the age-appropriate, easy to comprehend education of children regarding being true to their feelings, their thoughts, and their identity. Also, the importance of teaching students to accept themselves and others just the way they are, not only tolerating but loving differences.

Teachers and families can enjoy this joint program by accessing free books and activities on both educational platforms. Resources created specifically for Pride Month by Kahoot! and BOOKR Kids will be featured on the Pride page of Kahoot! and Drops, as well as in the BOOKR Class English learning application.

Kahoot! created two special learning sessions to facilitate the understanding of the topic, and BOOKR Class is set to publish five books throughout June, two of which are already available in the app, free of charge. If you are interested, take a look by downloading the app.

Two books are already available in the app: Ferret’s Scarf and Bunnybear

One of the books that users can already find in the library app is Ferret’s Scarf.

celebratin pride month

“I don’t care. I love it.” – said Ferret. 

Such simple words, yet there is so much power to them. 

Ferret’s Scarf is an amazing story to start a discussion about self-expression with little ones. Children need to learn from a young age that being a little different, or adoring something that others might not like as much as they do, is all okay. This understanding will break them free from seeking confirmation from the outside world and give them the confidence to express who they are.

A lighthearted tone with an uplifting, powerful message to take away is the best way to describe the story of Bunnybear in a nutshell. This title – published by Albert Whitman – caught the attention of many industry experts, as it – using the words of Publishers Weekly – has important things to say about identity and acceptance and is valuable both as entertainment and a conversation-starter. 

Test your knowledge about Ferret’s Scarf with Kahoot!

bunnybear in pride month

Even though Bunnybear was born a bear, he feels like a bunny. He likes bouncing in the thicket, and in his heart, he’s fluffy and tiny, like a rabbit, instead of burly and loud, like a bear. The other bears don’t understand him as he acts like a bunny, and neither do the bunnies because he looks like a bear. Fortunately, a true friend might just make him feel good about it all.

Test your knowledge about Bunnybear with Kahoot!

“You just look one way on the outside and feel another way on the inside. That’s okay.” Knowing that it’s okay made Bunnybear’s ‘heart bounce with joy, made him feel like he belongs’. No child should be made to feel otherwise.

Bunnybear is a genuinely moving story about what it might feel like to be transgender, about identity, acceptance, friendship, and, more importantly, celebrating diversity. 

Later this month, as part of the Pride Month campaign, another three books will premiere, so stay tuned, they’re coming soon: 

A lovely story called Our Future discovers the topic of non-conventional life paths with an LGBTQ couple in the spotlight. The Story of Caenis reveals some exciting details of Greek mythology and the third title teaches students about the history of the rainbow flag and can be found as Rainbow People in the BOOKR Class Library application. 

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