BOOKR is a Finalist in BETT Awards, AI in Education Category

BOOKRClass | 2023.11.16

BETT Awards reward companies that have demonstrated outstanding innovation in the last 12 months either via the release of game-changing technology such as Artificial Intelligence or through creative and genuinely unique initiatives with demonstrable outcomes.

BOOKR’s AI strategy is centered on addressing the “2 Sigma” problem in education. This problem illustrates that personalized one-on-one tutoring has the potential to enhance student performance compared to traditional classroom instruction significantly.

Traditional one-to-one tutoring is unfeasible, especially for children from developing regions of the world. BOOKR seeks to revolutionize education by mitigating this challenge through personalized AI learning support, AI-generated content, and intelligent assessment tools.

In the realm of personalized learning with AI, BOOKR aims to provide individualized instruction and feedback at scale, similar to human tutoring. This approach tailors educational experiences to students’ unique needs, preferences, and learning pace.

BOOKR has achieved notable milestones in AI-powered content creation, specifically AI-generated animated books. The AI technology employed by BOOKR effectively resolves the consistency issues often associated with AI-generated visuals. This ensures the delivery of curriculum-based stories with a harmonious artistic style. Furthermore, the AI has been trained to replicate the artistic style of senior illustrators, heralding the arrival of an AI-illustrated and animated story, marking a transformative moment in content creation.

BOOKR’s commitment extends to developing advanced AI models for educational and production workflows. These models serve as the foundation for the company’s personalized software, BOOKR Class, guaranteeing tailored and enriching learning experiences.

To augment the learning journey, BOOKR places a strong emphasis on real-time AI-powered feedback and assessment. This approach enables the measurement of student progress, identification of areas requiring improvement, and ongoing optimization of learning materials.

Moreover, BOOKR has introduced pioneering AI-driven features, including comprehension tests, AI-generated word lists, and storytelling-based chatbot games. These innovations further enhance learning and assessment, fostering structured learning, providing instantaneous feedback, and ensuring universal accessibility. Ultimately, BOOKR’s personalised approach to education aims to empower students and educators, marking a significant leap toward a brighter future in education.

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