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How do we support to achieve that?

Dedicated Customer Success support

This is one of the unique strength points of BOOKR as we can reach the team 24/7, and they are always here to help; also, they are extremely friendly & helpful. We are really enjoying the experience & it gives us great confidence with our customers as we are sure that we are always backed with them.

Dr. Ahmed Badawi


Marketing & sales support package

The marketing and sales support package has been very helpful to me and my team. For one, it is quite comprehensive and organised, and I like that many of BOOKR Class’s design elements are ready for use straight out of the box without the need for too much back and forth. This allows us partners to hit the ground running, so to speak, and shorten our time to market significantly.

Yi Chian Law

Executive Director – Sasbadi


Integration possibility is vital for our business and schools as it enables seamless data exchange between systems, eliminating manual entry duplication and improving efficiency and other workflows related to educational resources.

Cem Susuz

Founder – Kolibri Education

Compatible with Your Platform

Our API can be implemented easily into your existing workflow

Google Classroom

Integration for schools with student rostering, book assignment, and school domain management.

LTI support

SSO, content listing, user management, user statistics exchange.

Single Sign On

Universal deep linking to our native applications and to our web based reader.


Embeded technology delivers BOOKR content straight to your system (LMS).

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