culture quizz of English-speaking Countries

Culture Quiz of English-speaking Countries with 32 Question Cards

The beginning of the new year is spectacularly rich in celebrations of English-speaking countries. At the end of January we celebrate Australia Day, in February New Zealand’s Waitangi Day and of course, the American Presidents’ Day. These days provide a timely opportunity to enrich your lessons by including cultural aspects of English-speaking countries. In this post we’d like to introduce three cultural content based activities for three different levels of ability

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minimalist christmas in 2020

Minimalist Christmas in 2020, with a dash of flair

In the spirit of going back to basics, there has been a growing trend of exchanging handmade gifts, spending quality time together, or returning to the old traditions of Christmas. Devotion to a minimalist Christmas has never been so important or current, but how to celebrate is the question on everyone’s mind in 2020. Many people won’t be able to spend Christmas with their extended families this year, and let’s be honest, mother-daughter baking sessions are pretty much what we’ve been doing all year… valamit átírok, csak hogy jó-e

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English activities for christmas

BOOKR’S Recommendation: Our Top 5 English Activities for Christmas

As the holiday season starts, we are busy thinking about the days left until the holiday, the presents we’d like to receive or give, the events and festive meals we might have. However, Christmas is different in many countries and English lessons are a great opportunity to teach students about the customs and traditions of different cultures.

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BOOKR’S Recommendation: Tips for Thanksgiving

On the fourth Thursday of November people in the United States celebrate their world famous national holiday, Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving Day families come together and celebrate with a large dinner which usually includes turkey, potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie for dessert. But where does it come from?

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