BOOKR Class Starts 2022 with 150 New Titles

BOOKRClass | 2022.02.07

We are starting the new year the best way we know how: with brand new, beautifully animated books in our Library. In 2021, we were busy working on over 150 new titles that were uploaded to the BOOKR Class English library app this January. We worked with publishing houses, created our own stories, simplified texts, illustrated and animated diligently, and created more books than ever before.

150 new books

Let us introduce you to some of the newly uploaded titles.

Books from Gramedia Publishing

Gramedia is Indonesia’s largest and most complete online bookstore. Furthermore, the Gramedia Digital application is the biggest digital newsstand in Indonesia where any book lover can buy, download, and read more than 60,000 e-books from national and international publishers.

Exciting stories from exotic lands: Gramedia’s titles on culture and moral lessons truly enrich our collection, and we could not be more enthusiastic about having them in the BOOKR Class Library app.  

Books promoting Indonesian Culture

Moral Stories

Bob’s Adventures Continue

Do you remember Bob, the little dog who wants to be a detective when he grows up? In these ten new episodes he is busy solving mysteries with his sister and brothers: they find the thief in the village, they save the poor little foal and his parents. They even save some abandoned kittens in the forest. Of course, in these episodes they also have time for fun: they meet new friends at kindergarten, they organize a secret birthday party for their teacher Mr Paw, and they even make friends with a sweet little spider.

Meet the new characters

  • Mr Paw and Miss Daisy

Mr Paw and Miss Daisy are kind kindergarten teachers, the puppies can always turn to them with questions. While Mr Paw teaches the puppies how to be brave and create, Miss Daisy’s empathy helps them through hard times.

  • Tom, Titi and Rosy

Bob’s sister and brothers are curious little puppies too. They are ready to take part in adventures but safety first! They are there when a thief is in the village and they save the foal and the kittens. Rosy even helps Bob when he is ill! 

  • Diamond

Diamond is Rosy’s best friend at kindergarten. On Rosy’s first day Diamond is the one who walks her around. When it’s about love: she is not afraid to ask Miss Daisy questions.

  • Jasper

Jasper is a naughtly little puppy at kindergarten. His relationship with the others doesn’t start well: on Rosy’s first day he pulls her ear and runs away. Later it turns out that he had a reason. Otherwise, he is a sweet puppy with a good heart. 

We promise that Bob’s adventures will not end here, another ten episodes are coming soon. Who knows, they might grow up and go to school by then.

Form-focused Texts for the Youngest Learners

In the BOOKR Class English Library you will find form-focused as well as meaning-focused texts. What is the difference? 

Form-focused texts are written by language teachers with the intention to present a chosen language structure, type of expression, verb tense or grammatical structure. In these texts, the language focus is easy to identify as there are many examples and they can appear to be language patterns for the reader. This helps comprehension, understanding the use of the given structure and also facilitates acquisition thanks to repetition and its presence in various sentences. 

Contrary to our meaning-focused stories, form-focused ones are usually written with a specific topic or vocabulary that best presents the grammatical structure in use. A great example is the present simple with daily routine or days of the week. 

In other cases, we rely more on the topic of the book, however as they are also created to teach a chosen vocabulary set, they also fall into the category of form-focused materials.

A variety of stories help the young learners become familiar with different grammar topics or lexis. Discover some of our newest form-focused titles:

Our favourite

Roboto has a very long week. He is also very busy! He’s busy on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday… But what does he do every day?

Roboto talks about his very simple activities during the week and students remember them easily thanks to the use of repetition. His sentences are in the present simple, accompanied by the days of the week as the vocabulary focus. 

Stories from the Present

Although stories are magic carpets that can fly us anywhere anytime, we also believe that sometimes it’s good to talk about our current situation and even call a spade a spade.

2020 was a little bit different for everyone because of lockdowns. What did the people watch? What did they read? Sam Bubbles conducts mini interviews to find out. 

The whole group and their teacher have come down with a bad illness. They cough, sneeze and some of them have fever too. Of course they stay at home so they cannot meet in person. What can they do instead? Well, the teacher has a great idea: she organises an online party for her students.

Nowadays it is more and more popular to socialise online, and some people hope to find the love of their lives there. What is it like to meet someone in person for the first time? Would the students feel excited, nervous or embarrassed? 

New Series

Catching a learner’s attention is an important objective when using storytelling in language teaching. Series tend to engage little ones more than a one episode story they allow more depth to the he characters, give space for growth and change. It’s exciting for students to see some of the same ‘faces’ again when learning with BOOKR Class, so don’t be afraid to exploit these English books by creating projects or group work around them. Learn more about some of the new additions to our series category and let your imagination run wild. 

The Tube Detectives

Sherlyn and Johnny are teenagers in London and they get into adventures, mostly on The Tube. Hence their name, The Tube Detectives. They solve several problems with the help of their smartphones, GPS and other IT services, programs and devices. Do you know your gadgets well? If you’re interested in more, join Johnny. 

The series was created for Level 4 with a very strong focus on modals and vocabulary for modern technology.

Meet the characters

  • Sherlyn: Sherlyn is a cool teenage girl from London, England and she has a spectacular taste in fashion. Her best friend is Johnny who is always ready to help her get out of trouble.
  • Johnny: Who could be more familiar with the tech-world than Johnny? He knows everything about the cloud, bluetooth and online shopping, and is not afraid to use his skills outside of his room.

Coming soon:

High School Heights

Iryna, Mark and Mei go to the same school in Sacramento, California. They are good friends and with the new school year, these three musketeers grow into a funny group of five teenagers. The series follows two new students from the beginning of the school year until they all become good friends.

It was created for Level 3 with a strong focus on meaningful, functional language and the book prepares students for their first conversations in English. Exciting, isn’t it?

Meet the characters

  • Iryna is a Ukrainian-American girl, who is very neat and nice. She likes California and her school m has a great sense of fashion with unconditional love and empathy towards her mates.
  • Mark is a confident American teenager, who has some secrets about his identity. He is easy-going, communicative and is always funny and ready to joke around.
  • Mei is a helpful, artistic American girl who is very keen on school and likes to perform well in lessons. Her Chinese heritage is important to her and she enjoys sharing it with her friends.
  • Ashley Moore is an American student, one of the newcomers, who moved from Utah to California. She is sporty, fun and open to new experiences and friendships.
  • Otis is the second newcomer to the school. He is German-American, a bit shy, not too enthusiastic, but a very steady and kind guy. He is a loveable and sociable character despite his introverted personality.

Get ready for the holidays with us!
We have a lot to offer for the season

Chinese New Year - February 1st

Valentines Day - February 14

International Women’s Day - March 8

St Patrick’s Day - March 17

Easter - April 17

Earth Day - April 22

So many amazing stories to discover! Would you like to get full access to the BOOKR Class Library app for free? Request a 14 days trial now! 

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