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BOOKR’s Recommendation: Our Top 5 Warmer Ideas

The way you start your English class determines the whole lesson: it engages students, makes them enthusiastic about the English lesson and helps them focus on learning English. The first few minutes of the lesson is also a great time to activate their background knowledge. In order to raise their energy levels and grab their attention, we suggest doing the following activities in the target language.

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BOOKR’s Recommendation: Our Top 5 Speaking Activity Ideas

Would you like to improve your students’ speaking skills a bit? Would you like to do so with vocabulary-focused activities? In this part of the BOOKR’s Recommendation series, we’d like to share some of our easy-to-tailor ideas which you can easily implement in your classroom.

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With 8 September being International Literacy Day (ILD for short), we would like to encourage you to reflect on your reading habits,  your favourite stories and to introduce new habits into your everyday life.  

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