Easter Activities in Class or Beyond

BOOKRClass | 2021.03.22

There are as many countries as different ways to celebrate Easter. While some cultures draw attention to this holiday as a sequence of religious events despite its pagan origin, others prefer to focus more on the fun of egg hunts, egg rolling competitions and the abundance of delicious meals, such as milk loaves, ham, and of course, chocolate.
To respect cultural diversity, but still focus on this timely cultural heritage, we would like to provide you with three Easter activities to introduce some symbols and traditions of this holiday.

easter activities

Link surfing

Elementary and up

Link surfing is a fun online activity not only for your Easter classes. All your students need is a computer and a wikipedia page in front of them.

link surfing
  • Choose any page such as “Billie Eilish”, “COVID-19” or anything you’d like.
  • Then, choose an ending Wikipedia page. Such as “Easter” or “Easter bunny”, or anything Easter-themed.

The students’ task is to arrive at the Wikipedia page “Easter” only using the hyperlinks of the website. This challenges their cognitive skills, reading skills and how fast they can scan through a text.

Giving gifts


Ask your beginners to decorate a paper egg. Using this paper egg have a fun Easter role play with this dialogue, for example:

giving gifts
  • This is a gift. Here you are.
  • Thank you. What is it?
  • It’s an egg.
  • What colour is it?
  • It’s green.

Here’s a tip to level up the previous activity for your intermediate students. Ask them to form pairs, and  think of a great present idea for their partners. Ask them to finish the sentence “If I were an Easter bunny, I would bring you a(n) X. Then to elaborate on why they’d bring a “pencil case” or “confidence” or an “alarm clock” for their partners.

Easter worksheets

Beginner and Elementary

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easter activites for school
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