How To Increase Reading Habit

Kinga Krämer | 2020.08.29

To Ági néni who made reading a comforting ritual for me. How to increase reading habit?

Ági néni was one of my kindergarten teachers. She had a very comforting voice and a firm personality. She organized our day perfectly, but what stuck with me the most was her storytelling sessions in the afternoon.

how to increase reading habit

We would sit in a circle around a small table with a candle on it. When we were comfortable and silent, she lit the candle. The whole atmosphere changed in our kindergarten room. 

She showed us the book, explained what we were going to read and started in her soothing voice, as if she were whispering.

We were mesmerized. At the end of the tale, one of us could blow the candle out. Thanks to her, reading has become an instant comfort zone to me, easing my mind whenever I needed to distance myself from the everyday troubles and difficulties.

With 8 September being International Literacy Day (ILD for short), we would like to encourage you to reflect on your reading habits,  your favourite stories and to introduce new habits into your everyday life.

In 2021, ILD focuses on literacy teaching and learning in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, on the role of educators, and on changing pedagogies. As parents and teachers, we gained valuable experience during this overwhelming period, faced new challenges and experimented with new ways of improving our kids’ literacy.

These new ways of reading might be worth implementing, too.

So here are three tips for you to increase reading a habit:

  • Candle-lit storytelling session: schedule a simple relaxing 15 minutes for you and your kids.
  • Reading challenge (daily reading): track your kids’ weekly reading progress.
  • Weekly visit to an antique bookshop or library: let your kids choose what they would like to read.
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