Our Top 5 Speaking Activity Ideas

BOOKRClass | 2020.10.21

Would you like to improve your students’ speaking skills a bit? Would you like to do so with vocabulary-focused activities? In this part of the BOOKR’s Recommendation series, we’d like to share some of our easy-to-tailor ideas which you can easily implement in your classroom.

speaking activity ideas

1. Information gap

In this task, a pair of learners have to rely on each other. You can give every pair two pictures with different things missing on each or two completely different pictures. Either way, their task is to ask and answer questions about their partner’s picture, so that they can complete their own picture. With older learners, you can use this activity with missing parts of a conversation or letter.  

2. Survey

Ask the learners to go around the classroom and interview their classmates about their favourite books, food, etc. so everyone has the opportunity to ask and answer questions. At the end of this communicative task, students can introduce their classmates’ ideas in the first-person singular or reported speech.

3. Act it out

  • Ask the learners to work in small groups and prepare a short conversation.
  • After preparing, all the groups come to the front, pick an emotion from a hat and act out their conversation.
  • The others’ task is to find out the emotion.
  • With a lot of emotions, each group has more turns so more opportunities to speak.

4. My planet/cake/monster

This activity always starts with a planning and drawing part.

  • Give the learners a template to complete, colour in and add additional things to.
  • Without showing the finished pictures to anyone, put them on the board.
  • The learners then introduce their work one by one and the others’ task is to guess who produced them.

5. What was the question?

Prepare a bunch of interesting or funny questions beforehand. One of the learners picks one and answers it. The others have to find out what the question was. Learners can play this activity in small groups to have more turns.

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