How to take advantage of digital books

We’re happy to announce that on the 28th of January, we will host an online round-table discussion with three experts in the field of Digital Education. We will debate and examine the topic of digital education and how to take advantage of digital books in English teaching.
There is no need to convince teachers of the advantages of using books and stories to teach a foreign language. As teachers, we all want our students to read as much as possible. Not just because we know how much reading benefits learning in general, but also because stories are engaging, and are able to catch and keep learners’ attention, while offering numerous opportunities to learn about culture, community and language. The ability of children to understand and tell stories is also intricately connected to their later success in language and literacy, because stories put everything – grammar, vocabulary, morals and insights – into familiar perspectives.
However, due to the digital revolution, which of course has enhanced our lives in many incredible ways, kids are reading less than ever before. Thankfully, technological advancement is slowly reaching the field of education and has led to the development of interactive educational content, such as apps, e-books and digital books. Such content is not only on par with printed materials, but offers many other benefits in addition to the text, like a complete multimedia experience, which makes the integration of digital books into the classroom a fun and engaging learning experience.

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