Introduction to BOOKR Class


Captivating Your Students: Storytelling in English Language Teaching

Captivate your Students by entering the enchanting world of exciting stories and loveable characters!

This event is designed for English language teachers who want to engage and inspire their students through the power of storytelling.

Join our event and learn simple ways to use storytelling in your English classes to improve not only language skills but essential soft skills and even the well-being of your students.

Our experts each bring a key aspect to the table:

Anna Boldog, edtech expert and Head of Customer Success at BOOKR Class

Dominika Gyanyi, psychologist and Head of Education at BOOKR Class

Kinga Kramer, English teacher and Educational Content Specialist at BOOKR Class

We will share insights and practical tips on how to select and adapt stories for different levels and age groups of students and how to use BOOKR Class, the digital library application that supports you along your storytelling journey.

The Power of Storytelling

The Power of Storytelling
using animated stories for English teaching


Are you looking for an effective digital tool to use in English teaching? 

Are you interested in using storytelling in the class? 

Join our next webinar, where we’ll discuss why storytelling is essential in language learning and how students can benefit most from it in the English classroom. For this, we’ll introduce BOOKR Class, our 650+ title digital library app and its learning management system, the Teacher’s Dashboard.  You can learn about all the unique features and we’ll also provide you with some simple tips and tricks on how to make the most out of storytelling in your classroom.

Bett UK 2022

Let’s meet at Bett 2022 in London!
We are excited to meet you in person at Bett UK on 23-25 March 2022. If you’d like to have a chat, fill out the form to set up a meeting with our lovely team.

Storytelling in English teaching

Have you ever tried storytelling in class? Would you like to make it more effective? We have gathered a few problems and questions teachers face when they teach through stories and we are ready to answer them! Join our webinar and get some tips, tricks, and guidelines for a more effective storytelling session. Are you ready?