Rulebook for the BOOKR Class Reading Competition

Rulebook for the BOOKR Class Reading Competition

1. Overview


  • Registration starts on 6 May 2024 at 0:01 CET and ends on 19 May 2024 at 23:59 CET
  • The competition starts on 20 May 2024 at 0:01 CET and ends on 2 June 2024 at 23:59 CET

2. Eligibility

  • Participants: This program is open exclusively to children aged 4 to 14. To ensure compliance with data protection laws, all participants must be registered by a parent or legal guardian.
  • Teachers’ Role: Teachers are encouraged to promote the competition and support their students’ participation. However, teachers with a BOOKR Class school account can log in and register their students using a unique student code provided within the platform.

3. Registration Process

3.1 General Registration

All participants must register through the official website and use the BOOKR Class app, which is free for the duration of the competition. Registration and participation are subject to the acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

3.2 Specific Guidelines

3.2.1 For Parents

  • Existing BOOKR Class Account with Children: If you already have a BOOKR Class account and have added your children to your account, you can simply log in and select the child(ren) you wish to enroll in the competition.
  • No BOOKR Class Account: If you do not have an account, you must register for a new BOOKR Class account. During registration, you must “sign up a child” by creating a username and password for each child you wish to participate.

3.2.2 For Teachers

  • Registration Prohibition: Teachers cannot directly register for the competition. However, teachers with a BOOKR Class school account can log in and register their students using a unique student code provided within the platform.

Participation Details Based on User Status

  • Parent—Already a User: As an existing user, select the child with whom you wish to enter the competition through your account.
  • Parent—New User: As a new registrant, create your parent account and then add your child(ren) to your account to enter them into the competition. Note: You cannot see competition results or enter the competition from your account; entry is only through your child’s account.
  • Teacher—Already a User: As an existing user with a school account, you can enter your students into the competition using the student code. Note: Teachers cannot directly enter competitions, but they can facilitate student participation.
  • Teacher—New User: Teachers without a previous BOOKR Class account cannot enter students into the competition. Teachers are encouraged to support student participation through other means.

3.2.3. For SSO Users

If a partner using Single Sign-On (SSO) technology indicates a desire to participate, the administrators manually subscribe them to the competition. This ensures seamless integration and participation for users accessing through a partner platform.

3.2.4. Distributor Partners

If distributor partners wish to register someone for the competition, they should contact the Customer Service team. The registration process for these entries will be handled manually, with a turnaround time of 3-5 working days. This ensures all entries are processed accurately and integrated into the competition system.

4. Competition Format

  • Measurement of Time: The competition ranks participants based on the total time spent reading during the 2-week period, as tracked by the BOOKR Class app.
  • Leaderboard Details: The leaderboard displays each participant’s first name, last initial, and country flag to highlight global participation. It is updated in real-time and visible to all website visitors, but detailed rankings are available only to logged-in users.

5. Prizes and Awards

  • Certificates: The first 50 readers, based on the time logged, will receive a certificate recognizing their achievement.
  • Top Prizes:
    • 1st Place: Segway Ninebot eKickScooter. A high-performance electric scooter, viewable here.
    • 2nd Place: Bookstore Lego set – a creative and educational Lego kit, details here.
    • 3rd Place: Instax Mini camera – a popular instant camera, details here.
  • Conditions: Prizes are sent directly via Amazon and are subject to their shipping policies. In case of unavailability, an alternative of equal value may be awarded. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred to another person.
  • Tie-Breaking Rule: In case of a tie-in reading time, the order on the leaderboard is determined by the subscription date. Participants who registered earlier will be ranked higher if their total reading time is the same.

6. Conduct and Integrity

  • Fair Play Requirements: Participants must engage honestly, using accurate reading times without manipulation. Automated tools (bots) or fraudulent methods to inflate reading times are prohibited.
  • Prohibited Actions: Registering under a false identity, using offensive or inappropriate usernames, or engaging in disruptive behavior may lead to disqualification and a ban from future competitions.

7. Data Privacy and Security

  • Information Use: Personal data collected during registration and competition participation is strictly used to manage the competition. This includes tracking reading times, updating leaderboards, and communicating with participants.
  • Public Information: Only the child’s first name, last initial, and country will be displayed publicly on the leaderboard to maintain privacy while fostering a competitive environment.

8. Communication with Participants

  • Updates and Notifications: Regular updates about competition standings and news will be provided through the competition’s newsfeed on the website and via emails to registered parents.
  • Support: Parents or guardians can contact the competition organizers for any inquiries or issues related to registration or participation through the provided support channels.

9. Technical Requirements and Support

  • Access and Compatibility: The BOOKR Class app must be downloaded and is compatible with most modern smartphones and tablets. Technical issues, including app installation and operation, will be supported through the designated help center.

10. Modifications to the Competition

  • Organizers’ Rights: The competition organizers reserve the right to change the competition rules or cancel the competition in response to unforeseen circumstances. All participants will be notified of such changes through the competition website and registered email addresses as early as possible.