Engaging Experiences Through Distance Learning

BOOKRClass | 2021.04.20

We truly believe that engaging, playful experiences can make distance learning the “best part of the day” for kids, teachers and parents as well.

distance learning

Online education is going through a difficult but exciting time. This new situation poses great challenges for all of us, and we want to help make the transition from personal education to online education as smooth as possible.

This is what guided us to make BOOKR Class free of charge for this period as a first step.

The app contains hundreds of readings, flashcards, and skill developing interactive tasks, categorized in 6 different language levels, created in BOOKR Kids’ audio-visual interactive book format which is proved to help kids being 15-20% more successful in reading.

Free Reading Guide

Distance Learning Recommendations for teachers & parents

How to use these books? Which books do we recommend?

We’ve prepared a reading guide for you, featuring 5 recommended stories on each level, completed with a few tips tailored specifically for this period perfect as

  • distance learning activities for ESL teachers and students OR
  • staying at home activities for parents and families

Browse, use our library and feel free to share your own tips with us through email (hello@bookrclass.com) or any of our social media channels:

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