How can I add a new student in the Teacher’s Dashboard?

❯ Select the ‘Students’ section from the left menu bar. 

❯ Click the ‘add new student’ button and fill out the details. Mandatory information required is in red. 

❯ At the ‘Classes involved’ field you can create a new class for the student, type the class name and hit ‘Enter’

❯ Alternatively, you can choose an existing class. Click in the field, wait for the drop-down menu to appear and select the correct class for the student. 

❯ Then click ‘Create profile’ and wait for the page to refresh. 

❯ On the same page under ‘Student code’ appears a 10 digit alphanumeric code. This has to be shared with the student in order to log in to the Mobile App. 

❯ Now that the student profile is ready, assign them a licence. Without this, the students won’t have access to the whole library.

❯ On the same page, scroll down and see the ‘Licence’ section. Click on ‘Extend Licence’. Here is a pop-up window with the licence packages your school has purchased. 

❯ Select one of the packages, then click ‘Add Licence’ and the Missing status icon turns to Active. 

❯ Now the student can type the 10 digit student code into the app to access thousands of books and games. 

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