How can I import multiple students in one step?

❯ Go to the Student section and use the ‘import students’ option. In the top right corner of this button click the blue information bubble and a pop up window will explain how to use this function.

❯ Download the example XLS file, fill out the details of the students, save and then upload the file back to the Teacher’s Dashboard. Make sure the format of the file remains XLS. 

❯ Every student listed in the Excel document is now imported and registered in the Teacher’s Dashboard. 

❯ These students are registered but you still need to assign them licences.

❯ Select the students you have just imported and click ‘Manage Selected’. Click ‘Add/Extend Licence’ in the drop down window. A pop up window will now show all of the licence packages your school has purchased. Select one of the packages, then click ‘Add Licence’ to see the Missing status icons turn Active. Now these students can log in to the BOOKR Class App and access all of the content. 

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