How do I assign a licence to a student?

❯ Go to the ‘Students’ section where you can find the list of students that you or other teachers have already added to the Teacher’s Dashboard. 

❯ Select a student or multiple students from the list. Click ‘Manage Selected’ and choose ‘Add/Extend licence’. A pop up window will show the licence packages that your school purchased with the start and end date. When you assign a licence, bear in mind the end date of the licence. Once the end date has passed the student won’t be able to access all the books in the BOOKR Class library application. But don’t worry, all their data will remain safe. Click ‘Add licence’ and the licence icon will become green and ‘Active’. 

❯ Now that your students have licenses, they can use their student codes to log in to the BOOKR Class mobile app and access the entire collection of books and games. 

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