Christmas Escape Room with Bo Bunny and Owen, the grumpy snowman

BOOKRClass | 2022.11.28

Oh, it’s the most magical time of the year, isn’t it?
And speaking of magic, why not bring a little sparkle into the classroom this year, with an ongoing Christmas Escape Room during the weeks of December, solving clues to crack one big Christmas code: where have the BOOKR books gone?


Christmas is one of the seasons worth celebrating at school too – it’s not only a time filled with joy and great possibilities to learn playfully, but the core values of this holiday give us a handful of important topics to discuss even with the youngest learners. This year, we do not ‘only’ wish to give you activity tips to spice up your Christmas vocabulary lesson, but a chance to support your students’ social-emotional development. 

Let us present to you the great BOOKR Christmas Escape Room, a detective game that will keep your class busy throughout the Advent period. A mystery that is being solved with different worksheets and games, some creative, some teach problem-solving or logical thinking, all the while providing a strong foundation for the lexis of Christmas-related expressions. Follow our post, each week you’ll find new mysteries to solve with the smartest little elves at school or at home. It’s the perfect quality time spent playing and learning, the ultimate bonding experience with your children and/or students. 

Each game will give you a solution that you will need to fill this crossword puzzle with. At the end of all 8 games, you will see the code that unlocks the location of the books.  Pay attention to the column in yellow. 

Download the crossword puzzle from here, print it, and keep it until the end of the game. As a special treat, you can have the fastest little ‘detectives’ color the image, it’s great fun to do while waiting for their peers to finish.

mastersheet_blog_post (1)

Without any further ado, let’s look at the story here. What happened to all these books on the BOOKRshelf?

escape room storyline

Owen, the grumpy snowman, gets overwhelmed when he can’t read the Christmas books because they get wet in his frosty little hands. So, he decides to hide all the books. Let’s cheer him up! If we make him feel better about the books, he might return them for all kids to read. 

1. The Christmas Maze

The first game will show you who Owen’s helper will be throughout this adventure. 

Crack the code with Owen’s little helper to get closer to the location of the books. 

But wait – who is Owen’s helper? This Christmas Maze will show you.


2. Christmas Decorating

It’s time to decorate the whole house and bring some Christmas joy to our homes. 

Let’s show Owen how great Christmas really is! 

BO Bunny loves decorating the Christmas tree. What does he put on the tree? 

This game’s solution will tell you. All you need to do is color the words related to Christmas and winter. What do you see? 

3. Owen gets overwhelmed

Instructions: Owen gets frustrated sometimes. Let’s try and help him feel better, maybe he can tell us where the hid the next clue. 

Oh no, part of the list of activities has been erased! Look at the definitions and try to find out what they mean. Write the words on the sheet after their number. The solution to this challenge is the word in the red column.

This challenge is a bit different. It’s not only meant to practice English as a second language, but to teach the little ones techniques to deal with frustration or sadness.

In case you need a little extra support to talk to your children or students about these topics and help them release stress, we got just the right books for you:

The words of this task have been simplified to the age group and level that we wanted to target, but don’t stop there if you feel like this is something your students can benefit from. Discuss the topics in your own language one by one, if English would be too hard. How can friends help you when you’re feeling down? Why is it good to clean your room and surroundings if you’re overwhelmed? Social-emotional learning is best learnt at an early age. 

4. Life in pairs

Cookies and hot chocolate – these delicious Christmas treats might cheer Owen up.

Pair the images with these words. If one image doesn’t have a pair, that will be your next clue. 

5. BOOKR Quiz

BO Bunny and Owen love reading stories.

What a great way to cheer up! They’re looking at Level 1 and Level 2 books. 

Do your students know these stories? 

Discover them with your students and children, or practice reading comprehension in English. 

6. The Christmas Code

A true escape room challenge that gets students to use their logical thinking skills. Let’s see who’s the first one to crack the code.

7. Christmas Crossing

Christmas vocabulary with just a tad of Imperative practice.


Find the favourite thing that Owen owns, hopefully, it will cheer him up.

Cross the pictures, this list will help you decide which ones.

  • 1. Cross out anything that you can eat or drink.
  • 2. Cross out any plants.
  • 3. Cross out anyone with a scarf.
  • 4. Cross out any pictures with stars.

8. It all starts with ___

This is where it ends, friends. The last mini-game will give you the last letter.

And what is the final solution? It’s a word that really surrounds us this time of the year especially. We should all be lucky to spend this time together with whom we love the most: whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, or our beloved pets.

What an amazing way to end the year in class or at home: with a deep conversation about belonging and caring with the little ones.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy and Joyful New Year!

Spoiler alert! Find the solution to the master puzzle here:

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