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Teacher Training Part 3 – Get to know the Teacher’s Dashboard! 

Learn more about all the technical details: how to download the app, how to log in, and what to find in the Teacher’s Dashboard and how to manage it.

Teacher Training Part 2 – How to use BOOKR Class at school?

You have the opportunity to learn directly from our Expert Teachers about
how to use the app, how to look for and choose books, how to teach through stories and where to find extra ideas and tips.

Teacher Training Part 1 – General introduction to BOOKR Class

We talked about everything you need to know about the app: its features, the hundreds of books and games and how to align them with your curriculum, the activity tips and Teacher’s Handbook, while examining the methodology behind the concept itself.

The Power of Storytelling

Find out how you can make the most out of storytelling and BOOKR Class in the classroom through useful tips provided by our educational experts!

Social-Emotional Learning Through the Lens of EdTech

During the session, we introduce SEL and its layers and unwrap how can technology help the improvement of these skills on several levels from a young age!

Bett UK 2022

Let’s meet at Bett 2022 in London! We are excited to meet you in person at Bett UK on 23-25 March 2022. If you’d like to have a chat, fill out the form to set up a meeting with our lovely team.

Lanzamiento de BOOKR Class: Aprendizaje del inglés a través de la lectura interactiva y gamificada

Llega a Latinoamérica BOOKR Class, la galardonada plataforma educativa para aprender inglés. BOOKR Class es una reconocida propuesta educativa que permite a estudiantes de 4 a 14 años mejorar de forma significativa sus habilidades para hablar, leer y escuchar en inglés.

Storytelling in English teaching

Have you ever tried storytelling in class? Would you like to make it more effective? We have gathered a few problems and questions teachers face when they teach through stories and we are ready to answer them!

Diversity in education – Roundtable discussion with Andrea Honigsfeld

Diversity, equity, and literacy are hot buzzwords in education these days – but what do they mean? How can we achieve them as English teachers at schools all over the world? In this live discussion with two experts, we tackle the question of how to support diversity and increase equity in English as a Foreign/Second Language teaching.

Get started with BOOKR Class!

The third session is going to be our time to go back to the basics and get familiar with all the technical details and structure of the teacher’s dashboard, the desktop app and the tracking of the students’ achievements.