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Diversity in education – Roundtable discussion with Andrea Honigsfeld

Diversity, equity, and literacy are hot buzzwords in education these days – but what do they mean? How can we achieve them as English teachers at schools all over the world? In this live discussion with two experts, we tackle the question of how to support diversity and increase equity in English as a Foreign/Second Language teaching.

Get started with BOOKR Class!

The third session is going to be our time to go back to the basics and get familiar with all the technical details and structure of the teacher’s dashboard, the desktop app and the tracking of the students’ achievements.

Bring out the most of your English lessons

We are inviting you to our interactive second session with a workshop to discuss how you can use the books during your classes. You’ll have an opportunity to gain knowledge, get ideas and to become up-to-date with modern technologies.

The New Generation of Readers

What is BOOKR Class? How does reading affect student’s cognitive abilities and why is storytelling such an amazing tool when it comes to learning a new language? Why are interactive books a good idea?

How to take advantage of digital books

There is no need to convince teachers of the advantages of using books and stories to teach a foreign language. As teachers, we all want our students to read as much as possible. Not just because we know how much reading benefits learning in general, but also because stories are engaging, and are able to catch and keep learners’ attention, while offering numerous opportunities to learn about culture, community and language.