How to find and assign Flashcards?

❯ To find the flashcards and assign them to students,  go to the Teacher’s dashboard and choose the ‘Flashcards’ section from the menu on the left. 

❯ At the top of the page search the flashcards based on their title, keywords and level.

❯ In the chart below are details of the flashcards, scroll right and Click ‘Download PDF’.

❯ A new window will open from where you can download the file to your computer to use them offline. 

❯ For more tips on how to use flashcards in your classroom visit How to use Flashcards

❯ Go back to the Flashcards section and in the chart click on the ‘Manage Flashcard’ button.  

❯ You can check the details of the Flashcards on its profile page. This is where you find all the information about the Karaoke and if you’d like to have a sneak peak, click on ‘Watch preview’ and watch the first couple of minutes..

❯ Select one or multiple flashcards and choose the ‘Assign/Remove Selected’ option. A pop up window will appear with a list of students. 

❯ Use the search options to find a specific student or filter by class or level. 

❯ Select the students you’d like to assign the Flashcards to and click ‘Manage selected’. Choose ‘Assign selected’ and the Flashcards will appear on the student’s ‘My Books’ shelf in the BOOKR Class application.

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